Sailing Classes

A “class”, in sailing parlance, is a way to identify the type of boat, and below is a list of classes commonly sailed at DAC. Class captains can give you more information on how to get involved.

If you’re looking to enrol in a learn-to-sail program, see our training page.

The Heron is the ideal family dinghy suitable for an adult and child. When sailed by two adults there is the option to use a bigger jib. Great boat for learning to sail.
Was designed in the 1950’s in the UK and being a “one design class” has stood the test of time and has been sailing at our club since the 1971.
Most have fibreglass hulls but also can be constructed out of timber/plywood.

Class captain:

The Laser, being an Olympic class, offers plenty of chance to compete with other clubs and at state, Australian, and world championship level. The Laser sail comes in 3 different sizes, catering for different weight, age, and experience levels. These sizes (4.7, Radial and Full Rig) provide a pathway for sailors just starting out to progress from a small sail through to the full standard Olympic sail.

4.7 and Radial class captain:

Full Rig:

The International Optimist Dinghy is sailed in over 100 countries by over 260,000 skippers, and is endorsed by Australian Sailing and the International Sailing Federation for sailors up to the age of 15 for training and racing. It's worth noting that at the Beijing Olympics, 85% of medal winning skippers were former Optimist sailors. Each year the top five sailors at our national titles are given the opportunity to represent their country at the IODA World Championships.

Class captain:

The Open class consists of mixed classes which in the past have included the 125 Dinghy, NS14, 29er and Flying 11, but we welcome all classes at DAC.

Raceboards are an Open Class Design, meaning sails, rig and board all need to comply with a design rule but do not need to be identical in design like “one design” craft, such as the Laser, the Open Class Rule allows and encourages design experimentation and innovation within the class. Boards predominately sailed at DAC include the Starboard Phantom, Exocet Elite, Mistral Equipe, Fanatic Megacat, basically anything long with a centreboard. RRS Windsurf 2021-24 and Class Rules

Class captain:

The Radio Control Laser (RC Laser) class has been sailing at DAC since 2005, as DAC was the first club in Australia to accept the RC Laser as a class. Every boat is factory manufactured under licence and ready to race straight out of its sail bag. The full sailing kit includes two masts and four sails that enable you to sail the boat in everything from light winds to quite strong breezes.

Class captain: Brian Chapman or 0417 694 474

Sailability Dobroyd was established in 1996 as the first of the current 22 Sailability Branches in NSW. We sail the special purpose Access 2.3 and 303 dinghies, every second Sunday (see Calendar page), and cater for people of all abilities in a friendly and caring atmosphere. The Access dinghies are especially suited to people with a very wide range of disabilities, and we claim to have enabled the first ventilated quadriplegic solo sailor in the world.

Facilities include a wheelchair accessible pontoon with a hoist for lifting disabled people into the dinghies. Our sailing program ranges from recreational sailing, learning to crew, skipper and racing. or Margaret Sanderson on 0414 861 813

The Tasar delivers exciting performance without using either spinnaker or trapeze. The hull has a fine angle at the bow to reduce wave impact drag with unusually clean and sharp chines aft to ensure very free planing and outstanding stability. The foam cored hull is stiff and light and the advanced hull shape, together with an innovative rig which combines a rotating mast with a fully battened main sail, allows the Tasar to plane upwind with the crew normally hiked. The wide beam and a cockpit designed for comfortable hiking make the Tasar easy, fun and very exciting to sail in winds up to 25 knots.

Class captain: Sean Mullin
0403 504 298

The Windsurfer LT sailors who race at DAC have a wide skill range which varies from Australia's recent Olympic sailboard representative to novice sailors who have only recently started sailing. But all sailors get a fair go due to the handicap scoring system and so have an opportunity of winning the races on corrected time. During the sailing season, racing occurs on both Saturday afternoon and Wednesday evenings. Both Saturday and Wednesday racing are open to all comers. 

Class captain: